LG Academy is an astounding place to be since last decade, where a dynamic learning environment is combined with a harmonious atmosphere. At LG Academy the phenomenon of imparting Knowledge through education is made stimulating, challenging, relevant and enjoyable.
The management at LG Academy strongly believes that ‘Schooling is a major life transition & each child is unique’. The ways in which this transition is managed has significant impact on children's views of themselves alongwith the children’s interest and motivation to be at school, and on their future school success & their families. Hence as responsible educators, the environment at LG Academy is so created that an impactful transition from darkness of ignorance to a radiance of knowledge & enlightment is achieved. LG Academy enjoys the onus of
‘Nurturing the future’.
LG Academy provides an outstanding quality of education to all of its students & is well tailored to their individual needs. The outstanding curriculum and mentors allows remarkable progress of the learners (Students) from their individual starting points. LG Academy is committed to the distinguished academic, moral, social, cultural, spiritual, & extracurricular development of its students. The school meets today’s rapidly changing educational & professional need & demands.
LG imbibes great pleasure in bearing the onus of developing the learner’s, right from
nursery to standard XII, where boys and girls together are nurtured to their best & evolve as better & enlightened citizens for tomorrow. Although education & knowledge needs no language but still for the sake of convenience, LG has adopted English as a medium of instruction while CBSE syllabus & guidelines govern the phenomenon of imparting Knowledge.
An Academy with very high standards coupled up with a personal approach. The school is situated in serene surroundings where the phenomenon of imparting Knowledge can be carried out optimally.

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