Quality & effective teaching in a positive learning climate is extremely emphasized at
LG. The phenomenon of teaching is conducted so that the process of active learning is promoted among the students. Stress is laid down on skilful and well-paced teaching approaches where mentors and learners interact to ensure that teaching is motivating and relevant to learnersí needs. Mentor-Learner interactions is highlighted to be used so that ongoing feedback regarding teaching & learning experience is monitored & rectified to meet the learnersí needs. Each member of the school family plays a vital role in creating an environment that fosters student success.
Learnersí experiences are well matched to their needs which allows to sustain their motivation and attention towards their studies.
LG Academy recognises the important role of information and communication technology in enriching teaching thus supporting and motivating learning.
Audio visual (AV) methods are used wherever required. A well equipped auditorium has been designed, where the learnerís can enjoy better learning
experience, where they are motivated to ask as many questions to satisfy their knowledge appetite. We develop learnersí to be curious, creative with capability of thinking analytically & critically. Tasks and activities in our classes and home-learning activities are well planned and involve learners as effective contributors, working independently and cooperatively with others in problem solving. We make full and effective use of Audio visual (AV) methods during teaching and learning.
Supporting the contended journey through the ocean of knowledge, the Learnerís are safely & comfortably transported to the school with the help of a fleet of vehicles.

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