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Note :     You Need to Carry -     (1) Original T.C.   (2) Marksheet Photocopy   (3) Birth Certificate Photocopy   (4) Caste Certificate at the time of Admission.

General Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations of the school have been framed to make the parents aware of what is expected of them and their children during their stay at the school


1. For admission in all classes (Nursery to XII) admission test is not required.
2. A photocopy of birth Certificate must be submitted along with the application form for seeking admission in Nursery, K.G. classes and standard first.
3. Parent must produce the duly countersigned School Leaving Certificate (SLC) or Transfer Certificate (TC) signed by the head of the Institution within 20 days from the date of provisional admission.
4. A photocopy of marksheet /progress card of the previous class is also needed for the admission of your ward.
5. If parents fail to submit original TC by the due date, admission of the ward will be withdrawn or cancelled. No fees will be refunded in such cases.


6. Parents must ensure that his/her ward is sincere with his/her studies and submitting HW, CW, Assignments and Project work in time.
7. Every Endeavour is made by the school, to help children to improve their performance; a reasonable progress is possible only with child’s cooperation and parent’s encouragement as well. If student consistently exhibits poor results, he/she will be liable for any action deemed necessary, even expulsion.
8. If a child has already repeated a class, at any stage during her/his stay in the school, and still fails to make the grades for promotion, he/she will have to be withdrawn.


9. Students are not permitted to keep money with them. The school does not permit handling or keeping of cash.
10. Any child leaving school campus without written permission from the Principal/Headmaster will do so at the risk and responsibility of the parent.
11. Bullying is banned; Children are prohibited to subject their juniors to any kind of physical/mental maltreatment. There is a continuous effort to instill high moral qualities in the children but if any child persists with any anti-social act, he/she will be liable to serious disciplinary action, even expulsion, as deemed fit by the head.
12. The Children are not permitted to posses any sordid reading/viewing material.
13. To maintain discipline and to inculcate the habit of punctuality, overstay of leave will be liable to a fine. The rate to be levied will be determined by the school authorities from time to time.
14. No student is permitted to buy, sell or exchange goods or lend and borrow money from each other or from the staff, nor are they allowed to do so with any outsider especially when they go on outings from the school.
15. In the endeavor to maintain a total sense of equality, the school discourages tuck from home hence parents should also refrain from giving excessive tuck to their children.
16. No food parcels or money orders will be accepted or delivered to the children from anybody.


17. Children would be allowed to go on leave only on authorized days as detailed in the school calendar, Leave is not a matter of right and if the need arises it may be refused at the discretion of the Principal/Headmaster.
18. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours. Students will be handed over to the parents only in case of emergency.
19. Under normal circumstances no leave will be sanctioned during school terms, however special leave of absence of two days plus journey time may be granted in case of marriage of the child’s blood relatives. That is also with prior sanction.
20. Leave for serious illness of blood relatives or in times of bereavement, one day plus journey time for condolence of any immediate relation may also be granted.
21. Medical leave will be given as advised by a qualified physician who should certify the duration of such leave. Same should be submitted with applications.


22. School fees is to be paid by the due dates otherwise a penalty of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged. If the arrears are not cleared within two months of the due date of payment, the admission of the child may be reviewed. 23. The School management reserves the right to revise the school fee including registration fee, security deposit/caution money, admission fee or the annual school tuition fee and other charges at their discretion, as and when the need arises without prior notice. INJURIES FATAL OR OTHERWISE :

24. The school will not be responsible for any damage/charges or any way, whatsoever, for any injuries, fatal or otherwise, caused during the child’s stay in the school. Even if these take place within or outside the school campus, while taking part in sports/games or any other form of activity of the school. 25. All expenses may be incurred in the treatment of such injuries will be borne by the parent/guardian of the child.


26. Ordinarily no withdrawal should be made during the academic session, if the need arises then a minimum of three month’s notice is mandatory for withdrawal. If notice period is not given, then fees in lieu of notice period will be charged.
27. Withdrawal of a child from school has to be notified to the school office, in writing, through registered post or by hand, by parent. Telephone intimation will not be accepted.
28. There will be no refund of fees in the cases where the child has been expelled or his/her withdrawal has been requested on disciplinary grounds. The Headmaster/Principal or the Disciplinary Committee of the school has the right to ask for the withdrawal of a child from the school, if they feel the situation so warrants and in their best judgment, they may not assign any reason for doing so. No fees will be refunded in such cases.


29. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers directly without prior appointment/(permission) from the principal during a normal working day.
30. It is mandatory for the parents to attend Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) whenever called for.
31. Please send your child in proper uniform.
32. Parents are advised to please keep the school informed of any change in postal address or change in telephone numbers, in writing, as this is very vital in case of emergencies.
33. Whenever parents/guardians come to the school they must make it a point to visit the school Office, Please take permission before meeting your child/children.
34. Children in the junior school wing are not allowed to attend any telephone calls except on when some very special circumstances to receive the call.
35. Please refrain from giving any valuables to the children like Jwellery, watches, cameras, calculator, Mobiles, audio/visual equipments etc. The school will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the same. Action will be taken in case students are caught with such things.
36. All correspondence of the parent regarding the welfare of the child, suggestions/complaints, fees etc. must be addressed to the Principal giving the name, class of the child.
37. It is the bonded duty and the right of the parents to make suggestions/complaints for which a register is maintained in the school Office.
38. No verbal assurances alleged to have given by any member of the staff would be binding on the school. Similarly, no verbal statements made by the parents will be accepted. Parents must write to the school at any point they wish to make. Parents are requested not to make telephone calls to the teachers directly regarding any query about school Matters of the child's problem.
39. Parents are strictly prohibited from giving of tips of any kind, Money or gifts to any servant or member of the staff. Breach of this will be viewed very seriously.
40. Pet animals are not permitted in the school campus nor are the parents allowed to bring pets along with them on their visits.
41. The school is a NO SMOKING ZONE Parents/Guardians/Visitors are requested to refrain from smoking in the campus or consuming any material, which contains tobacco or tobacco chewing.
42. Kindly note that organizing tours, picnics, or any outing is a part of education in school, but sending your child for it is optional and at your own risk. The school will not be responsible for any mishappening. If you send your child that will automatically be taken as your consent, by the school.
43. In case of any dispute arising, the jurisdiction for such legal disputes will only be the District and Sessions Court of Indore.
44. The school’s management reserves the right to change, amend, add or delete, any of the above mentioned rules and regulations, at any time without prior notice.
I have gone through thoroughly all the rules and regulations which are for the smooth functioning of the school in the best interest of the child. I assure you that my ward and myself will follow and abide by the same as mentioned above.


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